Coast to Coast Events is a full service event planning and management company run by a dynamic, energetic and creative team of professionals. Coast to Coast Events has produced events all across Canada since 1996 including Toronto, London, Calgary, Edmonton, Moncton, Niagara Falls and Kitchener-Waterloo. Our experience in handling events from inception to completion will save you time and money and produce an unforgettable event. Coast to Coast Events has exceeded clients’ expectations for almost 20 years.

Corey deJong

Tineke Austin, part of "Coast to Coast" Team since May 2013, is responsible, in part and in whole for all aspects of the planning and designing C2C events. Tineke is a graduate of Fanshawe College, London, Ontario. Her credentials include, a Diploma in "Multi-Media Design and Production", and a certificate in "Business Administration".

Tineke Austin

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Audrey founded Coast to Coast Events (formerly Shades of Country) over 20 years ago. Her business experience expands from assembling Custom Group Tours, Decorative Art Teaching, General Manager of a Manufacturing Operation and organizing a variety of special events. Audrey's value for meticulous attention to detail, her ability to ensure the project is on schedule, ultimately runs smoothly, and her passion for planning is built on the foundation of her experience in planning and managing such events from small meetings, large sporting events/competitions, weekend retreat conferences with seminars, exhibits and special events, ensures each event is personally tailored to your needs.

Corey deJong, part of the “Coast to Coast” team is responsible in all aspects of planning and executing their events. Corey is a graduate of Fanshawe College, London Ontario. Her credentials include a Diploma in “Graphic Design” which makes her an ideal choice designing all of the C2C catalogues, program books and advertising campaigns. Corey is also working on a Art history degree with Carleton University.

Audrey deJong

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